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Deal Alert: Arlo Baby Monitor

Arlo is the Netgear brand being some high quality video gear that is used by lots of home automation enthusiasts. from time to time we see Arlo put up some decent sales on their products. well today Amazon has a nice deal on the Arlo Baby Monitor so if you are in the market check it out.


Product Review: Amazon Echo Dot (Gen 3)

Amazon has released a re imagined Echo Dot just in time for the holiday shopping season. Let’s take a look at it and see if it lives up to its predecessors and Amazon.s claims on sound quality and aesthetics. Check out IoT Rant dot come for more information and to read to full review of the Generation Three Amazon Echo Dot

Better Logitech Harmony Integration with Google Assistant

Google and Harmony are finally starting to play better together. Today after some time of waiting the integration between Google Assistant and Logitech Harmony Hubs has been updated to work the way it always should have. We can now control our Harmony connected device without having the ask Google to ask Harmony to do something. The new and improved integration also adds a nice feature to the newly repainted Google Home App.

Check out IOTRANT dot come for more information and to read the entire article.

Amazon Alexa Now has Better Camera and Doorbell Integration

Amazon is upping the integration between its Alexa voice assistant and connected video devices.
With and A P I update now available we can now create Alexa Routines off of motion triggers and doorbell button presses on select video doorbells from Ring and August. Check out IOT Rant dot come for more information and to read the entire article.

The Google Home App Just Became Useful

Google is continuing to ingrain itself in the smart home market. The Google Home App which was once the Chromecast app has finally been updated and made relevant. Check out IoT Rant Dot Com to read this whole article and stay up to date with IoT news.

Facebook Wants to Get Into Your Home

Facebook is getting back into the hardware game with the release of the Facebook Portal and Facebook Portal Plus. Both Facebook Portal models focus on video calling but also include Amazon Alexa. What do you think about Facebook having an always listening device in your home?

Amazon Echo Show Gets a Browser

The Amazon Echo Show is set to recieve a hardware refresh but that has not stopped Amazon from adding features to the previous generation. This time Amazon has added a web browser which has been a requests of many users for a long time.

The Google Home Hub is Official

Google has officially announced the Google Home Hub. Contrary to its name however the Google Home Hub is not a smart home hub but rather a smart display integrating Google Assistant and a graphical user interface to control your smart home.