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Product Review: WyzeCam


When I first heard about the WyzeCam 1080p HD Wireless Smart Home Camera and its very low price I was very skeptical about its performance. It claimed some pretty decent specs and although I know prices on the components used in the WyzeCam and similar cameras have dropped recently I did not really believe the feature list could be had at such a low price point. Most companies that are offering connected cameras at low price points monetize them with some kind of subscription service. The WyzeCam had none. It offered cloud storage of 14 days’ worth of alert recordings for free and a built in SD Card slot for local storage. Crammed inside this funky little boxy camera was decent hardware, consisting of a 1080p camera with night vision and 110-degree field of view. This could not be a $20 camera, could it? A $20 camera could not be as good as the claims…well for $20 it was worth finding out.

I was expecting a small device when I ordered the WyzeCam 1080p HD Wireless Smart Home Camera but was surprised when I actually got my hands on it, it was smaller than I thought it would be, yet the optical sensor was a decent size. The packaging was inviting and easy to open (read no clam shell packaging for the win). The instructions were simplistic and easy to follow. So far so good.

I quickly downloaded the app from the Google Play Store and set up my account, got the camera powered up and was ready to go. I followed the app instructions and got to a point where I had a QR Code on my phone that needed to be scanned by the camera. This QR Code contained my WI-FI information and I was not to trilled that it had been converted to a QR Code and transmitted this way, but I am not all that paranoid, so I think I can live with it. What I cannot live with however was the struggle I had getting the WyzeCam to read the QR Code off my phone. I tried with my phone at different distances, different screen brightness and different ambient lighting. When scanning a QR Code with your phone you have a nice reticle to help you aim…with the WyzeCam you do not so it was frustrating to say the least but after about five minutes I finally scanned, and I was up and running.

After setup the Wyze App is designed very well with a kind of minimalistic approach, not giving you too much information on one screen but not holding anything back either, they really did find a good balance. After clicking around a little bit in the app you quickly learn that you do need to have a MicroSD card in the WyzeCam for many of the features LIKE but at the price point I am okay with that. Live Viewing and 2-Way audio work out of the box with no SD Card and in my application, that is what was most important to me.

The picture quality during the day I thought was fantastic and the zoom was super helpful. Night Vision on the other hand I felt a bit lacking but was livable especially for the $20 price. In that price point I would not even expect night vision. Below, have a look at some screenshots and judge for yourself.





Two-way audio worked very well for me and will perfectly suite my needs of communicating with my son when he is in his playroom. The WyzeCam fills the hole I created by removing my Wink Relays.

Overall this is a decent little camera in a slightly funky form factor which I love. The mount has plenty of adjustability and the included metal mounting plate give you so much flexibility. While a lot of people out there worry about privacy concerns in inexpensive connected devices with cloud storage, as I mentioned earlier I am not all the paranoid, but I will be monitoring traffic to see just where information is being sent. If I find anything out of the ordinary I will be sure to update my review. I would love to see a battery powered option although I would not expect it to be at the same price point…Maybe a $40 option??

Has anyone else played around with this handle little camera? If so let me know what you’re doing with it and what your thoughts are on it in the comments below.


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  1. Nice review on a new product that a lot of people are wondering about. I’m with you… not overly paranoid, but definitely skeptical when the product’s own website offers very little detail. In fact, you’ve given far more than their website has. That said, maybe you can comment on these:
    – Any idea how many units their app will support with simultaneous use? In the app, can the images be labeled (ie: Kitchen cam, Living Room, etc)?
    – How long is power cord? One side appears to be standard USB; what’s the other side? Unless it’s a proprietary connector, I’m guessing using a longer cord is no problem(?)
    – In the product pics on top of your blog post, I think the camera is on the left… What’s the camera-looking box in the middle? And what’s the round, gray ‘WYZE’ disk?
    – Any idea if the images can be fed into ActionTiles and/or SmartThings?


    • I do not know if there is a max number of cameras. I have two and the work very well. You name the cameras during setup so it is easy to identify one from another.

      The power cord is 6 feet and is micro USB on one side and an ac power brick on one side. You could use a longer USB cable as long as you did not end up with a voltage drop over the length of the cable.

      Yes the camera is on the left. The middle is just the product box. The round metal disk is the metal mount that you can use with the integrated magnet.

      I have not found a way to feed video into ST yet but plan on working on that. I will update the blog when it gets done.


    • I just recently setup 2 cams, it went pretty smooth, no issues at all. I have separate labels on each cam, here is a screenshot:

      I’m very pleased with the cams, hopefully they will add more features soon

      Their website does has alot of info in their Support/FAQ section . Here is a c/p about the # of cams & smartthings:

      How many cameras can I set up in my Wyze App?
      There is no limit to the number of cameras that can be set up or shared in the Wyze App. However, you can only view the live stream from one camera at a time.

      Does the WyzeCam support any services like IFTTT, Smartthings, HomeKit?
      The WyzeCam is only compatible with the Wyze App. It is not compatible with services like IFTTT, Smartthings, HomeKit, etc.
      We understand this is a popular request from our customers. Our engineering team is evaluating this feature for future development.
      You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website or follow the WyzeCam Facebook page to get updates as new features are added to the WyzeCam.

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  2. I installed mine with less hassle than you described. I like the quality of the picture. I have it placed near a lamp that I can switch on remotely if I need better quality at night… so the lower resolution at night is not an issue for me.
    I haven’t grabbed the card yet for saving videos, etc. But I do plan to grab one soon.
    I would also like a battery/ solar version if it becomes available.
    I really like this little camera!


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