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Product Review: Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight

Although not a relatively new product the Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Camera

is one of my favorite devices. It fulfills tow needs for me, a motion activated Floodlight and an outdoor camera. It combines both into a nice-looking package, is available in white or black so it can easily blend into your home and has a siren built in. Now I know there is a lot of negativity going around right now about Ring and some firmware issues so just to get it out of the way I am not going to be talking about any of that, Ring in my opinion is one of the best companies in the space at listening to user feedback and supporting users, the issues will get worked out.

I was surprised by the size of the device when I first got it, not sure why, I guess in my head I just expected it to be smaller. Once you take it out of the box it screams quality at you. It is an incredibly well-built device. I am a bit concerned about light issues as the LEDs are fully integrated and do not appear to be user replicable (without a good amount of work taking it apart) although having dealt with Ring support on a few occasions I have no worries that they would leave me without working lights in the event of a failure and I also suspect they will eventually offer a light replacement.

The lights are two super bright 3000 Kelvin LED floodlights that light up my large


rural yard with ease. These lights can be activated via the Ring App, through motion or through more advanced automations using Stringify.

Right now, Stringify appears to be the only third-party service to give you control over the lights and I hope that functionality will come to more services in the future.

The motion sensor works great and has a wide 270-degree field of view, facial detection and object detection. As with other Ring Products you can define motion zones from inside the Ring App giving you a good amount of control over the motion sensor although I wish we had the ability to turn motion alerts on and off via a schedule (this is a complaint I have about all Ring Products). In addition to triggering the lights and sending a notification the motion detector can also trigger video recording on motion events so that you can review these in the event of a problem (although recording playback is a subscription based service). It is also worth mentioning that the system is smart enough to know that is motion is triggered during the day it will not turn the lights on although I would love for this to go a step further and take weather into account.

Now the good part…the camera, its is a 1080p camera with 140-degree field-of-view and night vision. Video quality as with my other Ring products has been phenomenal, during the day and at night, never a problem with video quality. Your mileage may vary because a lot of it depends on your network connection.


I have been able to make out wild animals in the woods behind my house without issue and was even able to track down a rouge raccoon terrorizing my trash cans and scare him off with the built-in siren which chimes in at 110 decibels, so it is plenty loud.

As with my other Ring devices the Floodlight Camera includes two-way audio which allows you to communicate through the Ring app to someone standing by the device. I love this feature on my Ring Video Doorbell Pro

but do not find it all that useful on the floodlight because of where floodlights are generally located on homes…they are up high so not the best for talking to someone.

The Ring Floodlight Camera is hardwired to 120 volts AC power, I am comfortable with electrical work having converted all my lights switches to connected switches so there was no real problem here but I can see this presenting a problem for some as again typically floodlights are mounted high up on homes so in addition to someone being skittish about electrical work you throw in the height factor and in my opinion, you end up scaring some people off. Ring does however have a solution to this with either the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

or the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

. With the Floodlight wired up setup was very simple using the Ring App. Now I have read some people complaining about having to push the button on the Floodlight if they make changes to their wi-fi and have to setup again, but I do not put much merit into that as a negative because how often do you change your SSID?

As I mentioned at the beginning I love this device, it works great and fits in perfect with my home. All the features have worked flawlessly for me since day one and I expect it to last a long time. If there was one product in my home that I would recommend to someone this would most likely be it. I eagerly await some additional third-party support, as mentioned I would love to be able to trigger the lights on and off from some of my automations but I am okay with it the way it is. If you are in the market for either a motion activated flood light or an outdoor camera this is a great fit.

Anyone else have this device? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.


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