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Product Review: Inovelli NZW96

I saw a Facebook post about this product coming to market so jumped on it right away and am happy to say I am glad I did because it solved a problem that I did not even realize I had. It gives me a pass-thru outlet that I can use to plug in my hedge trimmers!

So the first thing I have to say is the packaging is rather nice. I love the use of QR Codes and also the image of the state of Michigan.  I think it is great that a US based company is proudly displaying that fact even if the device itself is manufactured overseas.

Now lets get down to the good stuff…the product. The first thing you notice is that it is rather large, I can only assume that the size is because of the second receptacle and from what I understand there are plans to release a 2-channel version with both receptacles controllable which would add quite a bit to the internals. In my setup i do not really care about the size of it as it will be going inside of an existing outdoor electrical enclose I have in place for my landscape lighting and plenty of space in there, but i can see some people complaining about the size. The build quality seems very good so I expect it to last a good long time without any failures.

The instructions included are phenomenal! Now I have to admit I an not a big reader of instructions but something told me to look at these and they are so incredibly detailed you could troubleshoot your entire Z-Wave network with them. It is really nice to see a manufacturer actually taking the time to explain how Z-Wave works. In addition to this crash course in Z-Wave you also have Hub specific inclusion instructions that cover the major players like Wink, SmartThings and Vera and again QR Codes are utilized!

Now I have spent a lot of time designing and building my mesh networks so I was not concerned about coverage area and as soon as I plugged the device in it was picked right up by my SmartThings Hub. I love that when you first power the device up it is searching for your Hub without any interaction and think this is a feature that all devices should have.

At the end of the day it is a Z-Wave connected Outlet that behaves exactly as it should and there is not a whole lot there to be excited. But I am excited about this product for the reasons I have talked about. The most exciting being the thought that was put into the manual and the commitment to supporting the customer that the Inovelli shows with it very simple, very elegant contact card placed in the box. Seeing and reading that card that had direct contact information listed on it was like getting a big hug. I can not wait to use more products from Inovelli like the Inovelli Z-Wave Plug w/Built-in Z-Wave Repeater


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