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Product Review: AEgooL Wi-Fi LED Backlight Kit


Today lets take a look at the AEgooL Wi-Fi Enabled LED Backlight Kit In the past I have been a fan of LED Lighting from AEgooL, they are a low priced, high-quality product and these ones are no exception to that. As with others from AEgooL I have reviewed they are Wi-Fi connected and compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. What makes these ones different is that they are designed be back backlighting for a Television or Monitor so they come with a USB connector so that they can power off the Television directly which is a nice feature and the Magic Home Smart App syncs colors with video pretty good.

Included in the kit are:24899156_172561813336047_1267584994_n

  • 2m 5050 LED Ribbon Light
  • Signal Receiver
  • 24-button Wireless Remote

All the components seem to be well made although the Remote is a bit generic but once set up there really is no reason to ever use the remote, who wants to press a button to control something when they can use their voice? All together this is another solid product from AEgooL which is perfect for anyone looking the get their feet wet with smart lighting. I like that they can be powered off of the USB port on most newer Televisions and also like that if I wanted to I can use one of the many USB wall adapters I have laying around collecting dust.


  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Simple Setup
  • IFTTT integration
  • Google Home Integration
  • Alexa Integration


  • Lack of compatibility with other third-party home automation platforms

As I mentioned before the Magic Home app is simple to use and setup is a breeze. You can use the Magic Home App to sync lights to video and music using your phone although this is mostly a party trick that will not really get much use.

There really is not a whole lot to dislike about these LED strips, if you are looking at an inexpensive entry into accent lighting I would highly recommend giving these a shot. The installation possibilities are endless, and I would love to hear some of your own applications for LED Strip lights in the comments below.



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