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Smart Home Apps Volume Three: SmartThings

ST Hub

In the third installment of our feature on Smart Home Apps we are going to talk about SmartThings. I am sure a lot of you have used or are currently using the SmartThings App. I am a recent Wink convert and the Wink App is in my opinion very pretty…Well the SmartThings App is not. I find it ugly, slow to load when trying to switch to the My Home Screen (I assume this is because I have 150+ devices) and lacking any type of grouping that would be helpful, but it does work and does a good job when I need it to get devices to set up but in the end, it is not an app I would even consider giving my wife to use for control.

Now the app may be ugly, but it does do what I need it to do which is add devices and Screenshot_20171222-143859assign them to different SmartApps. Most of the control in my home is done through voice so that app is not a deal breaker for me at this point but I do remember early on when I was first considering switching from Wink to SmartThings (and before I had any way of controlling with my voice) I literally bought the SmartThings Hub, installed the App, registered my Hub then uninstalled the app, repackaged the Hub and returned it solely because the app was ugly and I could not give it to my wife to use.

There are some nice features of the app that I like, first and foremost is the fingerprint authentication, I do not understand why this is not in all apps! I also like the Rooms feature, it is nice to be able to sort devices into which room they are in although the fact that this is all the grouping I can Screenshot_20171222-143844do is pathetic. The recent addition of scenes is nice but also flawed in that you cannot easily toggle sense on and off which leaves me scratching my head a bit although that is mostly because I am using it to group lights.

Luckily for me most everything is controlled by voice in my house and I only use the SmartThings App when I need to, also lucky that ActionTiles has plenty of customization and pretty. I can easily create a panel for my wife that gives her just what she needs access too and add a bookmark right on her phones Home Screen. Because of this she is none the wiser, she things that is the SmartThings App and I am glad for that. In a later post I we will dive into ActionTiles.

What are your thoughts on the SmartThings App?


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  1. Howdy Mike! Thanks for closing this good overview of the SmartThings App with a mention of ActionTiles ( Be sure to drop Support at a note if you have any questions while you’re diving into our popular alternative dashboard Panel builder/sharer app. Cheers …Terry.

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