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Product Review: Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor

The Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor is by far one of the best sensors I have ever used. Everything about it is top notch from design down to functionality and installability.

Fibaro makes several very nice high quality Z-Wave devices, of the devoces I have tested I have not been able to come up with many negatives except for the price. The Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor is no different and it’s integration with SmartThings is phenomenal.

The first thing I probably should clear up about the Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor is that although the picture on the box looks like the eye of Sauron, the actual sensor does not. Now it is white and round like an eye and does have a large round LED on it that LED does not actually look like an eye. Sure it would have been cool if it did but pretty sure it would be very creepy!

The mount on the Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor is a small C-shaped clip the seems like it will just barely hold the round sensor but it does an adequate job and gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility when fine tuning the sensors position. This is something that really sets this sensor apart from others.

Aside from motion the Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor also has the ability to report light and temperature. Now just about every sensor I own also reports temperature so there is no real value in this for me but some might find it helpful. Light on the other hand I find to be very helpful. I can very easily see the amount of light in a room measured in Lux and use that in conjunction with motion to automate lighting. Using this I can have light come on to the perfect level rather than full bright and blinding based off the amount of ambient light from either natural light or other lighting layers that happen to be on in that room.

Now I get it a motion sensor may not be all the sexy but a good motion sensor properly placed can be a great cornerstone of any automation system.

Anyone out there using the Fibaro ZW5 Motion Sensor? If not what motion sensor are you using and why? Let me know in the comments below.


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