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Check for differentation in Network Traffic with Wehe

Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Wehe Project has released the Wehe App and I have to say it is pretty interesting now that we are facing the end of Net Neutrality. This simple app can be used to see if your ISP or Carrier is slowing down your speeds based on the content you are accessing.

I am sure we will see a good number of apps come up to do the same thing but Wehe is the first. Being a joint venture between students at two local (to me) colleges I was excited to try it out. Wehe can test for differentation on Spotify, Skype, YouTube, Amazon, NBC Sports, Vimeo, and Netflix.

In my test selected Netflix as I use it constantly. I was happy to see that neither my ISP nor my carrier is doing anything fishy yet. Although I suspect this will change.

Using Wehe you can test both your ISP and you carrier. This is simply done by running the tests while connected to WiFi (to test your ISP) and then when only connected to cellular data (to test your carrier).

For now at least for me things look good but we will see how that goes. Anyone suspect there ISP or Carrier is throttling services? Check them out with Wehe and let me know in the comments below.


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