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Product Review: This Dottie

As anyone who regularly reads this blog will surly know I am a huge fan of Amazon Alexa and have many Echo Dots. In fact the Dot makes up a majority of my Alexa devices. I use them in bedrooms, my kitchen and bathrooms so from time to time I need a more elegant mounting solution than just sitting it on a table or counter. The prefect example of this is the one I have in my master bathroom. As anyone who has looked into mounts for Echo Dots can attest to there are a lot of options out there. Today we will be looking at one such option, This Dottie.

This Dottie is a solid mount and a good choice for someone who does not mind giving up71FfqggGo-L._SL1500_ an outlet. It gives you the ability to neatly mount an Echo Dot without wiring cluttering up the space around it. This Dottie is available in White or Black to accommodate a variety of aesthetic needs and also to coordinate with either the White or Black Echo Dot.

This Dottie comes with a power adapter and a short USB cable for connecting to your Echo Dot. The power adapter fits snugly inside the bottom cavity of This Dottie and is what actually holds everything together. Once in place it can be very difficult to remove so I do not have any concerns about this coming apart on its own. The included short USB cable is a nice inclusion but i feel like it should have been a more flexible cable as it needs to curl around inside the middle section of the mount between the power adapter and the Echo Dot, it works as intended but I feel this is putting too much stress on the cable and have actually changed mine to a short flat style USB cable I had laying around from one of my many portable phone chargers.

In my opinion This Dottie is a bit bigger than it needs to be. The middle section inpower between the power adapter and the Echo Dot could most likely be a good half in shorter which would lend itself to being more configurable and working in more situations. It is my assumption that this section is the side that it is to accommodate the USB cable included so again if that cable were more flexible it could be a smaller section.

In my application I am using this in my Master Bathroom and it is plugged into a Leviton GFNL2-W GFCI with Guide Lights, plugging into the top outlet blocks the light sensor for the guide lights causing them to be on all the time and plugging into the bottom outlet is not an option because of the splash black for my sink. Having the middle section of This Dottie even just a quarter inch smaller would have allowed me to plug into the bottom outlet and solve the problem of my guide lights being on. Now to most I am sure the guide lights being on would not really be an issue and most would not even know about it but I am just O.C.D enough that this drives me nuts.

My other slight complaint about This Dottie is its inflexibility in mounting orientation. You you can plug it into either outlet and the prongs on the power adapter are reversible allowing you to mount fine in a vertical position on a vertical outlet or horizontally on a horizontal outlet, it would be very beneficial to be able to mount horizontally on a vertical outlet or vise versa. To accomplish this it would require a different power adapter, or the ability to move the power adapter inside of the mount, perhaps utilizing the adapter that is included would be an option.

In my situation This Dottie is not the perfect solution I had hoped for but that does not mean for a second that it is not a very good product and a product that I would recommend.

Anyone using This Dottie, or another mount for an Echo Dot? Let me know in the comments below.


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