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Product Review: Feiyen Wall Mount for Echo Dot

So I am still looking for the perfect mount for my Echo Dot that is located in my master bathroom. Last week I reviewed This Dottie which is an excellent option for mounting your Echo Dot and keeping things looking nice and tidy. Unfortunately it did not work for me in this application although I am sure I will find an application for it soon enough. Next up for me was the Feiyen Wall Mount which looked like it might offer a bit more flexibility than This Dottie and work in my situation.

While the Feiyen Wall Mount again did not work in my application it is a very good81ahixn5cfl-_sl1500_-e1517250280101.jpg option for people looking to mount an Echo Dot and comes in a few dollars cheaper than This Dottie.

The Feiyen Wall Mount seems to have pretty solid construction and I do like its two piece design which allows for screw mounting of the section that holds the Echo Dot. I really like that as it takes the weight off of the electrical outlet and seems like it should lead to less accidental disconnection of the Echo Dot. As I mentioned earlier the two piece construction of this wall mount is rather nice and seems well-engineered although like This Dottie the middle section of the Feiyen Wall Mount is in my opinion longer that it needs to be.

Like This Dottie, the Feiyen Wall Mount includes a short USB cable for connecting to the OEM Echo Dot Power Supply. The decision to use the OEM Power Supply I like because of its size and the fact that if you ever have a problem with your Echo Dot it is much easier to argue with Amazon when you used all of the OEM Equipment. But this choice does not come without a downside, that downside is the size of the bottom section of the mount which holds the Power Supply. Because the USB port exits the top of the power supply81u8bIJxBUL._SL1500_ the bottom section of the Wall Mount has to be large enough to accommodate this. For some depending on the application this can be kind of ugly, Feiyen in their description tries to spin this as giving you the ability to use this as a table top stand for your Echo Dot but I am not believing that. The other downfall is the USB Cable supplied is very bulky and does not easily bend (which it has to) without putting excess stress on the cable. As with This Dottie perhaps if they went with a flat cable design they would have been able to make the middle section smaller, giving people greater installation flexibility.

All in all this is another decent mount for an Echo Dot. Would I recommend the Feiyen Wall Mount over This Dottie? Probably not, because This Dottie uses its own power supply they are able to make the bottom section of the mount small enough that it looks decent. Maybe some day I will meet someone in the market for a “table top stand” for an Echo dot and then I would recommend this but not going to hold my breath waiting for that person.

What are your thoughts on Echo Dot Mounts? Let me know in the comments below.


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