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Product Review: YOLIKE Wall Mount for Echo Dot


Recently I have reviewed a few Echo Dot wall mounts, namely This Dottie and the Feiyen Outlet Wall Mount. Both are very nice mounts but unfortunately did not work in my application. Today we will be looking at the YOLIKE Wall Mount which I am happy to say does work in my application although it is not the perfect concealed look I was originally had in my mind that I needed.

The YOLIKE Wall Mount like others plugs into an electrical outlet and holds the Echo Dot. Unlike others I have tested the USB cable is not concealed although the USB cable provided is a flat cable which folds nicely and stays out of the way. If a cable like this was provided with either of the other mounts those mounts possibly could have been made just a little bit shorter lending themselves to greater mounting flexibility.


The YOLIKE Wall Mount holds the Echo Dot very securely as do the others but does so without completely encompassing the Echo Dot which lends itself to being able to easily remove the Echo Dot, this could be a bad thing but is also a good thing in my opinion where I sometimes find myself in a situation where I move a Dot around.

Ultimately if you are in the market for a wall mount for your Echo Dot, the YOLIKE Wall Mount is certainly a contender especially if you have confined space to work in. I still would like to see a mount that gives you the option of mounting horizontally on a vertically mounted outlet, but I may be a special case on that.

Anyone out there using the YOLIKE Wall Mount? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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