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PiThings? Or SmartPi?


I have been playing around with Raspberry Pi’s for some time now mostly just tinkering and learning. The Raspberry Pi is a great tool and has the flexibility to work itself into a lot of situations. They can be used as servers, media centers, game centers, sensors or can be configured to control things. It is really these last two that I am most intrigued by; I want this sensor data and the ability to control things integrated into my SmartThings system. That lead me to a lot of research and even more trial and error, but I am finally on the path to getting the Pi integrated into SmartThings and into my home automation architecture.

If you have spent any time looking into integrating a Raspberry Pi into SmartThings you20180202_160112 have probably come across many years old projects, device handlers and SmartApps that no longer work or partially work. I had all but given up when I came across Raspberry Pi Monitor by cl0udninja. This was my start finally something recent that would start to get my Raspberry Pi integrated. Raspberry Pi Monitor is based on Java and SpringBoot and gives me a look into what is going on with my Raspberry Pi. I can see Core Temperature, CPU Speed, Free Memory, Free Storage Space, CPU Voltage Processor Name, Board Type, Java Version and Hostname. For me this is a good start towards integration and for the most part getting it setup was simple, you need to do some setup on the Pi itself, install a Device Handler and SmartApp in your SmartThings IDE sounds simple right?

The Raspberry Pi setup involves nothing more than installing JDK 8 and Maven3x onto your Raspberry Pi, cloning a GitHub repository and building the project. For me to do this I had to hop around to a few different websites and tutorials, but I was able to get through it all pretty much unharmed. Once that is done you are most of the way through getting things up and running because what self-respecting SmartThings user can’t install a Device Handler and SmartApp?

Now Raspberry Pi Monitor is not all I am interested in with integration between a Raspberry Pi and SmartThings, but it is a start and at least gets the two platforms talking. Next up I am going to be working on getting the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO status inside of SmartThings and ten eventually the ability to control sensors and devices connected to those GPIO pins.

Is anyone using a Raspberry Pi as part of SmartThings or in any form of home automation? Let me know in the comments below.




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