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Product Review: Echo Buttons

As a lover of everything Amazon Echo related I decided to give Echo Buttons a shot, I mean at worst they are a $20 gimmick, i mean who would not think they were a gimmick after watching the comical video they produced?

After watching that how can you possibly say they are a serious product? I have to admit I did not have high hopes and figured they would just end up sitting in a drawer somewhere.

Buttons Box

Well when they first arrived I was pretty impressed with the way in which the Echo Buttons were packaged, they presented very nicely. I have to say I am not sure why I am surprised by this all Amazon Echo Devices are very nicely packaged and wasn’t it Amazon that invented “Frustration Free Packaging”. Really the packaging is only the start, once I got them out of the package I was pretty impressed with the design of them notably the concave sides of the Echo Buttons which I feel make them very comfortable in the hand as well as the multi-colored LED’s used to illuminate the button on top. Add those to the battery compartment that is secured with a screw (which is a huge deal as I see these getting thrown in anger if I continue to lose games of Trivial Pursuit to my wife)and the tactile feel of pushing the button and the Echo Buttons just feel like a quality piece of hardware.

Setup of the Echo Buttons is really simple, just put the batteries in (as I mentioned earlier a screwdriver is required) place them near the Amazon Echo that you want to pair them too and simple say “Alexa, Pair My Echo Buttons,” and follow her instructions.

My one complaint about the Echo Buttons is the selection of skills available but I have a feeling that will change over time as more and more of these get out into the wild. For now I am more than happy to play Trivial Pursuit. In the future I hope to see more skills become available for the Echo Buttons and hopefully these skills will be more than just games. I would love to see something that allowed me to use the Echo Buttons as pseudo scene controllers for my home automation or even have some integration with Fire TV, wouldn’t it be fun to play Jeopardy while watching Jeopardy on your Fire TV?

Has anyone else played around with Echo Buttons? If so let me know in the comments below.


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