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Product Review: Dome Mouser

mouser box

Today I am taking a look at the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap, Not sure if this is a good idea or an example of the Internet of Things gone wild. Let me start by saying I do not have any signs of having mice in my house so unfortunately I will not be able to talk about the killing power or effectiveness of this device, what I can talk about is its design, setup and function inside of SmartThings and Wink.

I was quite shocked when I first opened the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap, as it was much larger than I expected which is a good thing as it can accommodate a decent sized rodent with ease. I am also a fan of the compartmentalized design of the device as this allows for baiting, battery changing and pairing with ease and without the risk of zapping oneself. Along these same lines you also have an Arm/Disarm switch to further reduce the risk of hurting yourself (although I am sure I will end up hurting myself)

dome exploded.png

As with most Z-Wave devices pairing the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap is pretty straight forward and largely depends on what you are using for a hub. In my case I paired to SmartThings and Wink and both went off without a hitch, simply put your hub in pairing mode and press the connect button three times quickly. I did notice that if you hold the button down for any extended amount of time during those three quick presses pairing will fail but if you read the instructions clearly you should be fine.

I was happy with the integration with SmartThings (although using a customer Device Handler) as it showed very clearly what it was and the armed/disarmed state of the trap. Wink on the other hand I was not to impressed with as it shows up as a door sensor and gives you no indication of armed/disarmed state (although this device is not officially supported by Wink)

Baiting the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap is easy again because of the design which allows for removal of the bait bucket without doing much with the actual trap, it just lifts off then you plop the bait in and replace. Also emptying the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap seems to be as simple as picking it up (remembering to first disarm it) and dump the rodent into the trash (or give it a proper burial its up to you)

Now I have read a lot of reviews on the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap and most seem to agree that it does have some killing power so that is good to know in case I ever need it (hopefully I do not). My first though was how much killing power can four AA batteries really have? Well i did a little test and shorted the plates inside the trap with a piece of wire and there was a considerable zap witch was pretty impressive.

I guess I do like the idea of the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap if you have a problem you need to deal with as its nice to know I will get a notification when something is caught but generally if you have a rodent issue you would place several traps throughout your home and I am not sure the Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap would really be cost effective. But it does do what it is supposed to do and if it gives someone piece of mind about a possible rodent issue than I guess money does not matter.

How about you, anyone out there using this? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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