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Product Review: Dome On/Off Plug In Switch

dome outlet

For starters I have never been a fan of plug in switches, never have been and probably never will be. In my opinion using a Z-Wave Receptacle Outlet is a much more elegant and aesthetically pleasing route to go, but I get it not everyone wants to swap a outlet. Maybe if the Dome Home Automation On/Off Plug-In Switch had been available when I started automating things I might have a different opinion as it is far smaller and much better looking that your traditional plug in module like the GE Z-Wave Lamp Module which is far to big and bulky for what it is and in my opinion a quick way to lose the wife acceptance factor.

The Dome Home Automation On/Off Plug-In Switch has a great form factor so it is not1308601c1a831bda1c696d1a5a12d49fa8e1191a_plug-3-ls1640905882.jpg this big ugly thing hanging off your outlet and that I like. It will comfortably fit in either the upper or lower outlet of your receptacle without blocking the other and even worked well plugged into a power strip. With other plug in modules you would normally be forced to use something like a Monoprice 1ft Power Extension Cord to use them with a power strip without giving up at least two outlets. This is just unacceptable and a big part of what lead me down the pat of changing outlets for Z-Wave controllable ones.

screenshot_20180217-19190849684902.jpgI paired the Dome Home Automation On/Off Plug-In Switch with my SmartThings Hub and was quickly up and running. In addition to on/off control the Dome Home Automation On/Off Plug-In Switch also give you energy usage which is nice but I must say something I do not currently utilize (although I am look into working this into automation). Perhaps I can use something like this to tell control some lighting scenes based off on energy usage.

Is anyone else sick of the big bulky plug in Z-Wave modules? If you are I would encourage you to take a look at the Dome Home Automation On/Off Plug-In Switch. I am pretty particulare about how things look especially things that are hanging off my wall and (at least for now) these pass my test.

Anyone using the Dome Home Automation On/Off Plug-In Switch for anything interesting? Let me know in the comments below.


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