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Product Review: Fibaro Button

button box

In the past I have been very impressed with products from Fibaro, all have been very solid pieces and have worked very well in my SmartThings setup. Today I am going to talk about The Button from Fibaro, it is a single button Z-Wave Scene Controller that is available in many different colors (mine is black if you care). The first thing I thought when I got this product is what am I going to do with a single button, well luckily enough you can setup reactions for up to six different action, single click, double click, triplebutton-st.png click, quadruple click, quintuple click and push and hold. All of these are supported (with a customer device handler) in SmartThings and how I have a pretty useful device as long as I can remember what number of button presses I have assigned to what.

The Button from Fibaro has a pretty nice look to it although I am not a fan of many of the colors, I would stick with either black or white. The button itself is large and hard to miss which is nice because I use them in out of the way locations where they can not be seen, this makes them very easy to identify and press. You also get a nice feel when actually pressing the button making it easy to tell that the button has actually been pressed almost like an old school mechanical keyboard.

So in a world of voice control what good is The Button from Fibaro,  well it is actually pretty convenient. I don’t always want to tell Alexa to do things. This happens pretty often someone in my house will be asleep in the living room and I want to trigger either a scene or some other SmartThings automation and The Button from Fibaro allows me to do that because the last thing I am doing is taking my phone out. I use another one in a hallway which allows me to trigger my Goodnight automation while I am on my way to bed. In addition to this I also use them as pseudo panic buttons which “arm” my system and send notification to users based on which one was pressed and how many times it was pressed.

As with everything else from Fibaro my one complaint is the price…Why are they so expensive! But in the end I do like The Button from Fibaro and it gives me an easy way of executing automation inside of SmartThings without having the use Alexa or my phone.

What do you think, does The Button from Fibaro have a place in a world where voice control is becoming so prevalent? Let me know in the comments below.


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