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Product Review: LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve

LS Valve 2

I have been testing various water shut-off valves recently, with the most recent being the LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve. If you have read my previous review of the FortrezZ Shut-Off Valve you know just how important a goof shut-off valve is so I will not repeat that here. Instead let’s get right into the LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve and its integration into smart my home platforms, SmartThings and Wink.

The LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve installs just like the FortrezZ Valve I previously reviewed except the valve is threaded differently. The FortrezZ Valve is female pipe thread on both sides where the LeakSmart Valve is female pipe thread on one side and male pipe thread on the other. While this does not make much of a difference other than the fittings required, for some reason I prefer the differing ends of the LeakSmart Valve. With the proper fittings installation is pretty straight forward but as I warned previously if plumbing is not something you are comfortable with I would recommend hiring a professional. The actual valve used in the FortrezZ Valve seems to me that it is a higher quality than the valve used in the LeakSmart. I am only judging this by weight and movement. The FortrezZ seems to have a smoother motion than the LeakSmart. There was no binding or anything like that but there was a difference in movement. I am not sure however if this difference in the valve or the motor but I suspect the valve.

The LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve integrates very nicely with Wink as it is the only officiallyls-wink-e1519785812407.png supported shut-off valve on the platform. Being Zigbee pairing was very straight forward with both SmartThings and Wink although it should be noted that SmartThings did require the use of a custom device handler. Both platforms allow for automatically closing the valve if water is detected by a leak sensor although with the LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve there is no built-in sensor like the FortrezZ so right off the bat in addition to the cost of the valve you will need to purchase at least one senor, now you can use any sensor you wish but being a LeakSmart review I added a LeakSmart Sensor for my testing.

The valve worked very well and did what is was supposed to do. With a sensor paired to the system I was able to introduce water and watch my LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve close and shut off water. Now one advantage I thing that the LeakSmart has over the FortrezZ is that the LeakSmart is battery backed up which is something that I like as a water leak in the right place can quickly knock out power. This is a nice little piece of mind feature that I think is an underutilized selling point.

In all the LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve did exactly what it claims to do and comes in a little bit cheaper than the FortrezZ Valve. In addition to the cost the LeakSmart is Zigbee which I personally prefer to Z-Wave.

Is anyone else using the LeakSmart Shut-Off Valve? Let me know in the comments below.


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