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Product Review: Dome Motion Sensor

dome motion 2

I am sure by now you are all sick of my writing about sensors, but I love sensors and what you can do with them so here comes another post about a sensor. Today I want to talk about the Dome Motion Sensor. We will talk about is physical characteristics, the setup of this device in both Wink and SmartThings, mounting options and performance. Hopefully I will give you all the information you might need to understand just how good this sensor is.

Now I will say that the Dome Motion Sensor might not be for everyone. The first thing I said when I opened the box is “Why does this motion sensor look like the Death Star?” Ascetically it is a little strange looking but as of late more and more motion sensors are coming in this round shape. The Dome Motion Sensor is a cross between the Death Star and a golf ball. Being a nerd, I’m going to say it looks more like the Death Star but maybe that’s just me. Now my wife has not noticed this sensor yet, so I am not yet sure if it will get the wife approval, but it is small enough that it is possible she will not complain too much about it.

The mounting of the Dome Motion Sensor is neat, it uses a magnet in one of its golf ball dome motion 3like dimples to attach itself to a little dome shaped mount. Included in the package is a nice circle of double stick tape and a couple pf screws if you plat to go that route. For me I choose the double stick but had to do some trial and error with the placement. The Dome Motion Sensor was going to be mounted in a corner (where most motion sensors typically are mounted) and due to the design of the mount a good angle covering two points of entry was rather difficult and I ended up having to mount from the ceiling and aim the Dome Motion Sensor down. I do like the magnetic mount however it is very limiting, it should have been designed with the mount holding the magnet and the back side of the Dome Motion Sensor golf ball being metal allowing for the mount to stick in more than just one dimple.screenshot_20180228-2101511345500563.jpg

Being a Z-Wave sensor pairing the Dome Motion Sensor was simple, simply put your hub into inclusion mode and pretty the pairing button on the Dome Motion Sensor. In my testing I first paired with Wink and everything seems to work well except the Dome Motion Sensor can report Lux and unfortunately in Wink you do not get this metric. This is where SmartThings comes in, inside of SmartThingsSmartThings (using a customer device handler) you get the Lux measurement and can trigger automation based off that. For most people I am sure Lux is not all that important but for me it is, so this was a nice feature for me. I like the ability to coordinate my Hue Lighting with the natural light level.

Where to Dome Motion Sensor really shines is in how quickly it picks up motion. I have used many motion sensors, from GoControl, Fibaro, Iris and many others and many of them take forever to pick up motion making them next to useless for automation applications. By far the best motion sensor I have used is the Fibaro but the Dome is a solid second. This is due to how quickly it picks up motion as well as its small size. If the wife is okay with the way, it looks I will end up keeping this sensor in place but only time will tell that.

Is anyone else out there using the Dome Motion Sensor? What are your thoughts? Do you have another motion sensor I should check out? Let me know in the comments below.



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