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Product Review: Dome Water Valve Shut-Off

Today I want to talk about the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off, I have been very excited about this product since I first heard about it and finally got my hands on one. Well I have to say I am disappointed in the product now after using it. I have liked all the other Dome products I have used in the past and I had hoped the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off was a good way to get more water shut-off devices into people homes because I feel they are so important. There are several things that I dislike about the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off that I will discuss throughout this review.

Before I get into what I did not like about the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off lets talk a little about what it has going for it. First and foremost, price, You can find this device pretty easily for under $100, combine that with the fact that it can be self-installed without needing to do any plumbing and it’s a deal compared to other solutions. Now there is a caveat to the self-installability (I know not a word) of the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off, you must have an existing ¼ turn water shut off valve and copper piping. If you do not meet these requirements you will need to do some plumbing to make it compatible or hire a plumber to do it for you. If you are not compatible I would not recommend making yourself compatible but rather install a connected valve like the FortrezZ or Leaksmart as it will take you the same amount of work to install one of these and you will have a better system in the end.


Now since I already have a FortrezZ Valve in place I made a test fixture to give the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off a full test. While installing it the first thing I did not like is the pipe clamps that are supplied to mount the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off. They are much larger than they need to be and difficult to get tight enough to actually hold the shut-off in place. I get it they include large clamps so that they can be compatible with as many sizes of pipe as possible but let’s face it anyone using this is going to have wither ¾” or 1″ pipe so there is no need for a pipe clamp that big. Additionally those pipe clamps are not great at actually holding the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off in place as they are clamping onto a piece of round tubing, when tightened (as much as I could with a socket and ratchet) you could still move the shut-off with some force and this was evident when actuating to motor. The other major concern I have is that you only have the single point of mounting, couple this with the long arm that turns the handle on your existing valve and you end up putting a lot of stress on your pipes and joints. Now in my test fixture I used shark-bite as I was too lazy to solder so there is always going to be some play in the pipe, but I would be more concerned with the amount of stress put on a soldered joint. Over time I am sure this would lead to a failure and if that failure happens to be before your Dome Water Valve Shut-Off they you will be in a bad place.

My last complaint about the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off is with the motor, it is so loud! I get it these would most likely be installed in an area where the sound would not matter but come on there is no reason for it. Along with the noise the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off shutoff makes while actuating you can actually hear the motor struggling to turn my brand new valve which leads me to think if it is having this trouble with a new valve what would it do with an older valve that most likely has not been actuated regularly?

At the end of the day I would not recommend the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off to anyone but there are a good number of them out in the wild and I am sure they work well for most people but I can not after seeing this device in action believe that you will not eventually run into issues. This is even more concerning because the same company makes the Guardian Water Valve Shut-Off which is far superior (look for a review coming soon)

Are any of you using the Dome Water Valve Shut-Off? Let me know in the comments below.


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