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Amazon Adds Follow-Up Mode to Alexa


I am super excited about his! Often times when talking to my Amazon Echo I need to ask a follow-up question and until now always had to say “Alexa” again. Well starting today if your Language is set to US English you can carry on much more natural conversations with Alexa and ask follow-ups without the need to say Alexascreenshot_20180313-0915232015144230.jpg

After your Echo answers your initial question you will notice that the Blue indicator light comes back on as Alexa waits a few seconds in case you have a follow-up. This follow-up can be can be canceled by saying “thank you”, “stop”, or “cancel” and this is also exciting to me because I often feel the need to say “thank you” to Alexa and it seems this will give it some purpose.

You can activate Follow-Up Mode on your Echo go into your Alexa App on your mobile device and select “Settings” from there select the device you want to enable and scroll down to “Follow-Up Mode” and turn it “On”

What do you think of this new Alexa feature? Let me know in the comments below.




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2 thoughts on “Amazon Adds Follow-Up Mode to Alexa Leave a comment

  1. Another US only feature. I’m thoroughly fed up of hearing about all the new features and then discovering they’re unavailable. Amazon keep pushing Echo out to new territories but it’s a seriously hobbled device in these countries from a developer perspective


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