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Pi-hole and Their New FTLDNS

Pi-hole has always been dependent on dnsmasq for their DNS/DHCP server, well that is starting to change as Pi-hole evolves and with the creation of FTLDNS by the Pi-hole Team! FTLDNS (Faster than Light Domain Name Services) is the integration of Pi-hole‘s own resolver directly into FTL reducing the dependency on dnsmasq. According to the Pi-hole team this was done to solve a few problems:


FTLDNS is based off dnsmasq and according to the Pi-hole team has the following benefits: 



This is very exciting news and Pi-hole currently has a beta program which you can sign up for here. Check it out as I am sure this is the start to many good things to come from Pi-hole!

Anyone running Pi-hole and the FTLDNS Beta? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Yes, I am now running Pi-hole vDev (v3.3-65-g295ac49) after installing the FTLDNS Beta (vDev-a26da52). I would like to know if the Beta update process will be automatic or manual?


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