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Reverting WyzeCam to Stock After OpenIPC

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OpenIPC for the WyzeCam opened a lot of doors for us and allowed us to take control over video from our WyzeCams’ to do with what we wish. For the most part I have been happy with the WyzeCam I have been testing on OpenIPC and going into it I knew that there was no going back to stock. Well that has changed. WyzeCam has started sharing manual firmware images on their forums which can be used to revert to stock. The process for doing this is simple and much like the process of flashing to OpenIPC so if you have the need to get back to stock on your WyzeCam or just want to check out OpenIPC without being stuck follow the process below to get back:

  • Insert MicroSD Memory Card into a computerSD Formatter
  • Open SD Memory Card Formatter for Windows
  • In SD Memory Card Formatter for Windows Select the Drive that corresponds to your Memory Card
  • In SD Memory Card Formatter for Windows Click Format and wait for it to finish
  • Download the latest stock firmware from here
  • Extract the .BIN file inside the downloaded .ZIP file to the root of your MicroSD Memory Card
  • Rename the .BIN file to FIRMWARE_660R_F.BINWyzeCam Setup Button
  • Power off your WyzeCam
  • Press and Hold the Setup Button on the WyzeCam
  • While Holding the Setup Button Plug in the WyzeCam Power cord
  • Continue to Hold the Setup Button for 15 seconds
  • Release the Setup Button and wait 3-4 minutes (the LED will be flashing Yellow indicating “Ready to Setup” when complete)
  • In the WyzeCam App setup your WyzeCam as a new device

I have tested this process and I can confirm it does work which should be great news for anyone on the fence about trying OpenIPC, however it should be noted that the firmware that WyzeCam did not intend for this process to be used in this way so know that it could go away at any time. That being said I would encourage anyone thinking of checking out OpenIPC now or in the future to download the latest firmware available now and save it locally in the event you ever need it and WyzeCam pulls it down.

What are your thoughts on WyzeCam or OpenIPC? Let me know in the comments below.






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