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Use tinyCam Monitor with Your WyzeCam

WyzeCam seems like it has really hit a nice groove in the video surveillance market unfortunately there is not much in the form of integration options currently available. The WyzeCam App itself is very nice (check out my review here) but some people want more than that. OpenIPC is a nice option but does void the warranty of your WyzeCam and is not officially supported. Another option however is to use tinyCam Monitor which is a very popular Android IP camera application. Using tinyCam Monitor give you some nice options including:

  • Android TV Support
  • Android Wear Support
  • Android Widgets
  • Chromecast Support
  • Floating windows.
  • View Multiple WyzeCams at the same time. Up to 25 cameras!
  • Use tinyCam Cloud to turn your WyzeCam into an NVR system
  • Use WyzeCam as a baby monitor w/ background audio, squelch and alarm levels.

This is a decent list of features!

While using tinyCam Monitor instead of the WyzeCam App is not really the type of integration I am looking for it does give me some nice features. I love that when looking in tinyCam Monitor I am looking at actual live view from every WyzeCam installed vs the snapshot which is given in the WyzeCam App. My favorite feature of using tinyCam Monitor with my WyzeCam is the Android Widget, it is very nice to be able to take a quick look at a camera without having to launch an app. One thing missing that really is a deal breaker for me is two-way audio support but perhaps that will come in a future update.

It is simple to get up and running with tinyCam Monitor once your WyzeCam is setup. All you must do is the following:

  • From the tinyCam App select “Add IP camera, NVR/DVR”
  • Select “Wyze Labs” under “Camera Brand”
  • Give your camera a “Name” (do this after selecting Wyze Labs or you will have to do it twice)
  • Enter in the “IP Address” of your camera
  • Enter your WyzeCam
    “Username” and “Password”

With that done you will be quickly up and running. It should be noted however that if screenshot_20180402-134411_tinycam pro8801289147356575960..jpgyou are adding multiple WyzeCams you will need to change the “Channel Number” for each one and tinyCam Monitor supports up too 25.

Anyone out there using tinyCam Monitor with WyzeCam? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.




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