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Stringify Gets a Makeover and New Features

Stringify is a great app for tying together many different connected technologies to really make automation, well automation. I remember being jealous of all the iPhone users who had access to Stringify when it was first released as an iOS only app, then I remember the day Stringify released the first Android Beta and I could not wait to get it installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note. I also remember when Stringify announced that they were being acquired by Comcast and the overwhelming feeling that the acquisition would not end well for Stringify. This acquisition even brought about a major overhaul of my home automation system and a change from Wink to SmartThings so that I could be less reliant on Stringify if Comcast did ruin it.

I am very happy to say the Stringify is still doing great and appears to be mostly unaffected by the Comcast acquisition (at least that we as consumers can see), yesterday for IoT Day Stringify released an updated app with a new look and some new features. It has been a while since we have seen any major development from Stringify so when I first head about this on Facebook I was anxious to say the least.

The design overhaul seems to be a slight tweaking of the color palette which I find looks much better and brings the design closer to the other Xfinity apps which I have to say are very well designed. That I do not like however is the changes made to the “Things” icons, some of them to me do not look as good as they used to, and I also have a hard time adjusting to the new icons especially when scrolling through a long list of devices looking for what my brain was used to seeing.

Now aside from the visual changes Stringify also added some nice features that at least for me will lessen my dependency on IFTTT slightly (which is something I have wanted for a long time). Included in these new features is integration with Comcast’s X! and xFi platforms. Now I am an X1 customer and I play around with Comcast Labs pretty often while using IFTTT to integrate with X1 and display notification on my TV, well I no longer need to use IFTTT for this. Aside from notification you can also integrate channel changes into your “flows” which should help with the Movie Time flows! On the xFi side of things you can also manage devices connected to your network which is cool. I am just thinking of a Dinner Time flow where Wi-Fi for all cell phones is paused allowing the family to spend actual family time together. Unfortunately, because I use EERO to manage my Wi-Fi the xFi features do not apply to me but they are still exciting.

If that was not enough Stringify also added integration Lutron Caséta, Lutron Serena Shades and Carrier Côr Thermostats. I am a very big fan Lutron Caséta, I originally used them through Wink and continue to use them through SmartThings so I am excited to see what functionality Stringify will bring although I am a little disappointed that this does not seem to bring in Pico Remotes which is a feature I lost in the switch from Wink to SmartThings but perhaps that functionality will come.

Also, not to be overlooked Stringify has also released an Android Wear App and this is something that may have me digging out my old Moto 360 so that I can play around with it as I have been looking for a reliable way of controlling my smart home from a smart watch.

In the end this is a very exciting update for Stringify and one that has brought me back. I will be spending today using Stringify to create some of what I am currently using webCoRE for so that I can compare.

Are you using Stringify? Let me know some of your flow ideas in the comments below using the new features.


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