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Product Review: Myriann Weather Resistant WyzeCam Mount

I have been a fan of WyzeCam since the beginning, they are excellent cameras at a great price. One thing I have wanted from the beginning is an outdoor rated WyzeCam, even if that meant a price increase. Currently lots of people are going all out and coming up with their own ways of using WyzeCams to view the outside world. It seems to be popular to place one inside a window looking out but others have gone to great lengths to create enclosures for the WyzeCam to protect it from the elements. This got me looking to see what was currently available and I came across the Myriann Weather Resistant Mount which looks promising.

The Myriann Weather Resistant Mount basically places your

WyzeCam inside a nice little bird house, or at least that is what it looks like. It is this house that products the WyzeCam, much like a real house it has a pitched roof that allows water to run off of it and the roof extends out past the end of the WyzeCam much like your standard A-frame home. This design looks like it will protect the front and sides of the WyzeCam pretty well and even has a cover on the back side to protect the power port of your WyzeCam. Also it should be noted the the Myriann Mount is weather resistant not weather proof so you are still going to want to protect the WyzeCam anyway you can like perhaps mounting it under an eve.

I am sure the Myriann Weather Resistant Mount would work pretty well in some locations but in the Northeast of the United States I do not have high hopes for its ability to survive a winter. Thankfully the cost of the WyzeCam has me willing to test that.

Aside from using a Myriann Mount on a WyzeCam outside I am also using one in my son’s play room as the room is nature themed and the bird house look of the Myriann Mountblends in well.

We will have to see in time how the Myriann Mount and my WyzeCam survive being outdoors hopefully it can live up to expectations.

Has anyone been using the Myriann Mount? Let me know your experience in the comments below.


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One thought on “Product Review: Myriann Weather Resistant WyzeCam Mount Leave a comment

  1. I live in michigan and have just purchased 2 wyzecam’s . I did get a bird house for one of the camera’s. The camera is mounted up under the front porch so hoping not to get any rain or snow up there. But the cold temperatures is also a concern. I do plan on mounting one on the backside of the house just under an eve but facing the weather direction.


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