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Product Review: Fibaro Keyfob

Okay lets get this out of the way, I am strange. I like my home automated but also like for there to be easily accessible physical control but I hate keyfobs! To me a key fob has no right being included in an home automation system but seeing as how i am a fan of Fibaro products and they make a keyfob I figured why not try it out?

I have been a fan of Fibaro products for some time now they have always been veryFKF - 3.jpg reliable for me and have great community support in SmartThings. One thing that Fibaro really does right it is design, they kill it on every product they release and the Fibaro Keyfob is no exception. It looks great, has plenty of buttons and in the end just works.

Now the Fibaro Keyfob while looking good and functioning does not change my view on keyfobs it does have some strong points. As i mentioned there are plenty of buttons on the Fibaro Keyfob, six to be exact and with the excellent community support in SmartThings you can use those six buttons in up to thirty different combinations. This gives you amazing flexibility in what you can do with the Fibaro Keyfob but I still just can not bring myself to use a remote to control my home. I don’t even like to use the remote to control my television (thank god for the Harmony Hub).

Setup of the Fibaro Keyfob is pretty simple as pairing just involves pushing any button fkf-1-e1526491058352.pngyou want on it three times fast while your hub is searching. Configuring what the buttons do is also a no brainier using ClassicGOD’s Device Handler. What is not so simple however (and this is a complaint I have with most Fibaro Products) is removal. Why cant removal be the same as adding like every other Z-Wave device? No Fibaro needs you to press a combination of buttons followed by several other button presses. Add to that that the documentation for the Fibaro Keyfob is not all that clear.

In the end I will most likely find a home for the Fibaro Keyfob in my smart home although it will not be used as a key fob. My current thought is to take it apart and make it into a flush mounted scene control that lives in my car.

Anyone using the Fibaro Keyfob? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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