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Comcast is Getting Into Mesh Wi-Fi

With mesh Wi-Fi systems like, Eero, Velop and Amplifi beginning to break out of thexp -3 niche realm and into the mainstream it really was only a matter of time before ISPs tried to get in on the game. Let’s be honest building a Wi-Fi Router into your Modem was never a good idea, all it did was make it more difficult to upgrade. Well Comcast appears to be the first ISP to offer a mesh Wi-Fi solution by partnering with Plume to offer “xFi Pods” that appear to be identical to Plume Pods.

This is a good move on Comcast’s part as everyday people have more and more connected devices available to them. As I wrote yesterday in Planning Your Smart Home Volume 1, Wi-Fi is the backbone of all connectivity and needs to be properly planned out for a growing environment. This step by Comcast is allowing customers to do that a little bit more and I am all in favor of it. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way going to ditch my Eero system for this Comcast/Plume offering as it is still controlled to heavily by Comcast and I want to be as separated from their ecosystem as possible but for someone just jumping into home automation and connectivity this could be an easy upgrade for them at a very reasonable price. Comcast is offering a 3-pack and 6-pack of xFi-Pods priced at $120 and $200 respectively.

What we do not know yet is what happens with this hardware if you decide to leave Comcast? My guess is that it will not work without some hacking. Will you be more inclined to stay with Comcast because of this hardware? My vote is Yes because the more “hooks” any company has into you the more difficult it is to get away and the xFi Pods are just that another hook although they could be a very useful hook for connectivity.

What are your thoughts on xFi Pods? Would you use them to upgrade your Wi-Fi?


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