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Product Review: Lifx + Blubs

Lifx makes some very good smart light bulbs that have some of the best colors availablelifx 2.jpg and are packed with great features. The Lifx + Bulb is no different but adds “night vision” according to Lifx. This not only intrigued me but also confused me. Why does a light bulb need night vision? Well when you read into it the Lifx + Bulb does not actually have night vision the way you would normally think of it but rather it emits 950nm infrared light which is not visible to the human eye but will help enhance the night vision of your security cameras.

I was dismissive of this at first but after adding the Lifx + Bulb to my system I was able to quickly see the difference with my Wyze Cam, not only at night but also during the day on the video you could clearly see light being emitted from the desk lamp that housed the Lifx + Bulb. This light made a night and day difference in what the camera could see on its own. In the screenshots below, you can easily see the difference in what my Wyze Cam is able to see.

Lifx bulbs have a lot of integration with other home automation systems which is nice to see. They can easily be integrated with SmartThings, have IFTTT support as well as Stringify. Lifx bulbs being Wi-Fi connected do not require a hub to work and integrate seamlessly with Goggle Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With all this integration you should be able to easily find a home for these bulbs in your system.

Although I am typically lean towards smart switched over smart bulbs I do like the “night vision” feature of the Lifx + Bulbs and because of that I am okay with loosing some of the convenience I see in smart switches although I do not see myself placing them in anything other than a few lamps to statically enhance the video security in my home.

Anyone else using the Lifx + Bulbs? What are your thoughts on them and what applications are you using them in?


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