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Google Home Is Now A Little Bit Smarter

In a neat addition to Google Home’s bang of tricks is now the ability to easily send multiple commands to your Google Home at once. This is a big improvement if it works well and I hope it does. As many of you know I am an Amazon Echo fan but I do have a Google Home and have been testing this and it does work…sometimes…but I do not think that is because of this new skill set but rather because I have always had issues with Google Home controlling any of my SmartThings or Wink connected devices.

Anyone else out there playing around with this new feature on your Google Home? Let me know in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Google Home Is Now A Little Bit Smarter Leave a comment

  1. I cant get three requests to work for me. It will do two but, when I ask for three GH will say “Sorry, I can only help you with the second request. It will then proceed to do my third request. I have rebooted from the app. I rebooted Google Home by unplugging it and restarting my phone. I guess I don’t have that update or I’m not using the correct magic words. With routines, I don’t see me using this feature (?) anyway. Maybe I’ll try rubbing Google Home three times like the kid in Alldin. That might make the Assistant pop out and grant me three requests! What do you think?


    • That is pretty my always been my experience with Google Home… It works when it wants to work. I ha e been able to get more than two commands to work a few times but nothing repeatable.


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