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Product Review: Wyze Cam Pan

I was super excited when I first heard about the Wyze Cam Pan, I quickly got one on order and have been playing with it ever since.

The Wyze Cam Pan is a 1080p Pan and Tilt camera that features:wcp - 2

  • 110° per second rotation speed
  • 14-day free cloud storage
  • 2-Way Audio
  • 360° horizontal view
  • 93° vertical view
  • Motion Alerts
  • Motion Tracking
  • Night Vision
  • Pan Scan™ with 4 custom waypoints
  • Sound Alerts

This feature set puts the Wyze Cam Pan up against some of the highest rated (and most expensive) Pan & Tilt cameras available but does so at a Wyze Cam price!

With the specs out of the way lets talk about the Wyze Cam Pan in actual use shall we. First and foremost setup of the Wyze Cam Pan is the same as the other Wyze Cam models and it uses the same app which i find to be very nice. Obviously where the Wyze Cam Pan is different is in its Pan and Tilt abilities. These abilities come with a larger design and a new mounting base. Unfortunately this new mounting base does not include the same magnetic qualities of the base on previous Wyze Cam models but it does include a handy tripod nut. Now the Wyze Cam Pan actually “pans” on the mounting base so they really could not have gone magnetic on this so I can understand the change but I still miss the magnetic mounting. The “tilting” of the Wyze Cam Pan comes fro the camera eye moving up and down, which I think is better than the whole unit tilting up and down.

Controlling the Wyze Cam Pan is easy from the Wyze Cam app. You can either use thescreenshot_20180616-145149_wyze2134830755718388333.jpg controls on the minimized view of the camera or drag across the maximized view of the camera to move it. Along with the ability to move the camera comes the ability for the Wyze Cam Pan to follow motion which is a very nice addition to motion tagging. From other reviews that I have read motion tracking was one of the common complaints as people noted that it was some times buggy and laggy. I can say that while I have noticed a little bit of lag in the motion I have yet to see motion tracking fail to work nor have I had the lag bad enough where the moving person (or animal) was out of frame before tracking began.

I think some of the complaints about motion tracking actually have nothing to do with motion tracking but more to do with the 110° per second rotation speed, while this is fine for most uses it is slower than it could be and I think this creates the lag that people are complaining about. Really to anyone complaining about this you need to understand we are talking about a $35 camera here so you have to expect some trade-offs.

I am extremely happy with my Wyze Cam Pan as I am with all of my Wyze Cam products and I will continue to purchase new products as they are released (I am still hoping to see a battery powered Wyze Cam). I also recommend Wyze Cam to anyone looking to get started with cameras and will now begin recommending the Wyze Cam Pan as it is a great addition to the Wyze Cam family.

Anyone else using the Wyze Cam Pan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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