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Wyze Cam Alexa Integration Coming Soon

In the Wyze Cam June newsletter we got some pretty exciting news that Alexa integration is almost here! I am excited about this as most of you know I am an Avid Wyze Cam and Alexa user so having the two work together for me is amazing.

According to Wyze Cam:


Anyone else as excited as I am about Wyze Cam and Alexa playing together? Let me know in the comments below.


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One thought on “Wyze Cam Alexa Integration Coming Soon Leave a comment

  1. But we don’t even know *what* the integration will be, so I can’t begin to get overly excited yet. Honestly, I would prefer to see casting available first, before any voice command tricks. Give us the ability to cast the live feed to a screen worth watching it on (read: Big Screen TV, not little Amazon devices). Honestly, the first integration should have been with Google… Firstly because you can cast it to Chromecasts and devices with integrated Chromecast. Secondly, if we’re going to do voice tricks, Google Assistant is still vastly larger than Alexa. The vast majority of people have Google Assistant on their phones, let alone all of the home devices with it built-in. And before anyone thinks I’m biased; I have both ecosystems in my home. The problem is that Alexa fanboys and fangirls scream the loudest, even though they have no idea what they’d use the technology for; so businesses go there first to quiet the noise.


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