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Product Review: QuadHands Deluxe Workbench

While the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench is not totally IoT related I know a lot of us tinker from time to time whether it be with a Raspberry Pi, electronic repair or any other project that might involve a soldering iron so I think this might be a good fit for my audience.

I have been soldering small parts and circuit boards for a long time now and have eitherQHW - 2.jpg fought with pieces on a bench or fought with cheap helping hands that have led to more frustration than they were worth. I was recently thrust into a project at work that would have me doing a good amount of semi intricate soldering on some connectors, so I decided to investigate getting myself a decent setup. Well this setup started with the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench and I am so glad I found it. I really cannot explain how I worked on parts for so long with anything else. You really should not waste any more time using a cheap helping hand.

The first thing you are going to notice about the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench before you even open the package is how heavy it is. This weight is from the solid metal base that the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench (and all QuadHands Workbenches) comes with. before you even open the box, it screams quality. The metal base of the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench is a serious piece of metal that measures in at 8.5″ by 11″ and is powder coated so that not only do you not need to worry about rust bust also I find that the coating stops solder from sticking to it which for those of us who tend to make a little bit of a mess soldering is an excellent feature. On the underside of the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench are four heavy duty non-slip rubber feet, between these and the weight your work surface is not going anywhere.

The next thing to talk about are the QuadHands Magnetic Arms. With the Deluxe Workbench you get a total of five Magnetic Arms, two 16″ length, one 12″ length and two QHMA - 1.jpg8″ length all with alligator clips which even include rubber guards for delicate parts. I made the mistake of thinking these little rubber covers over the ends of the alligator clips were just for protection during shipping, so I discarded them and then had to search for them after finding out what they were. The QuadHands Magnetic Arms utilize rare earth magnets which provide a super strong, so you do not need to worry about them sliding on you, while you are working you will you will never need to worry about something moving on you.

That is everything that is included with the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench but there isQHM - 1 no need to stop here. I added a few things to my setup immediately. The first thing was the QuadHands LED 3x Magnifier which is a great addition to your workbench. Let’s be honest a little magnification and light can always make things better. The QuadHands LED 3x Magnifier utilizes the same rare earth magnetic base as found in the QuadHands Magnetic Arms so you do not need to worry about anything moving on you.

The next thing I added was the QuadHands Solder Tip Cleaner which I like but I do notQHS - 1 feel it is up to the same quality as the rest of the QuadHands products. I wish the QuadHands Solder Tip Cleaner utilized the same rear earth magnets as the Magnetic Arms as I find this cleaner can move around a bit more than I would like it too. That being said some magnetism is better than none, so I really can complain too much. I am thinking of designing a mount to hold the QuadHands Solder Tip Cleaner sideways at a 90-degree angle off of the side of the QuadHands Workbench.

This setup has worked great for me in the week or, so I have been using it and it is all centered around the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench. I have been so impressed with my QuadHands setup that I just ordered yet another part, the QuadHands Flip Circuit Board Holder and I expect that to function at the at the same high caliber as the QuadHands Deluxe Workbench.

What are you using for a helping hand? Let me know in the comments below.


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