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August and Join Forces is a very big player in the home security space is now partnering with with aadc-1.pngAugust and allowing integration of the August Smart Lock Pro into the This new partnership between August and should open up lots of door for both companies.

I have worked with many systems over the years and have always used either a Schlage or Yale Z-Wave lock them but recently I have really become a fan of August and have already made the decision that August is the way I will go in my own home when it is time to upgrade from my Schlage locks.

In a press release August had the following to say about the partnership:

“August has taken another step forward to strengthen the security of your front door by partnering with Through this collaboration, the August Smart Lock Pro is now fully integrated with popular security panels supports, such as DSC, Interlogix, Nortek and Qolsys, allowing homeowners to lock/unlock and control access to the front door remotely – all from the August and mobile apps.

By connecting your August Smart Lock Pro with the platform, it now becomes part of a multi-device smart home security ecosystem that offers homeowners keyless convenience and complete awareness and control of who enters the home.

With this partnership, you will now be able to enjoy the following features via the August or apps –

  • Timed auto-lock
  • Location-based locking reminders
  • One-touch remote locking
  • Unexpected Activity notifications (if the door is unlocked at an unusual time)
  • Integration into’s Scenes feature

The Scenes feature allows one-touch automation sequences where multiple connected devices respond to a single command. For example, a single tap on the app for the “Home” scene will unlock the door, disarm the security system, adjust the lights and more. An Alexa request to enact the “Sleep” scene (“ask to Sleep”) will trigger the security system to arm, turn the lights off, set the smart thermostat down and lock the August Smart Lock Pro.”

I am not sure how much this partnership will benefit as they already have pretty good market share but August on the other hand could see a decent boost from this by leveraging’s market share.

Anyone using August Lock? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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