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Amazon Announces Show Mode for Fire Tablets

Well this is pretty interesting, Amazon today announced that on July 2nd we will be receiving “Show Mode” on our Kindle Fire Tablets essentially turning a Kindle Fire into an Echo Show. The first thing I thought of was my Kindle Fire that is wall mounted running Actiontiles as this could be a nice integration. While I do not think I ation. This could make it so that a lot of us could use our Actiontiles setups to view live video from devices like a or a Wyze Cam (when Alexa integration finally comes).

According to Amazon you will be able to switch back and forth between “Show Mode” and “Tablet Mode” so this should be good for using one device to accomplish many tasks. I have never been a fan of the Echo Show mostly because i would use it in my kitchen and I do not have the counter space to dedicate to anEcho Show (at least not without fighting about it with my wife), but I do have a Kindle Fire mounted on the wall in the kitchen so “Show Mode” should get me what I want, I just hope it plays well with Fully Browser.

Amazon is also releasing Show Mode Charging Docks for both the 8″ Kindle Fire HD and the 10″ Kindle Fire HD. While I do not think I will be jumping to get one of these they could make for an interesting bedside or end table Actiontiles/Echo Show hybrid so I will probably end up with at least one.

Anyone else excited about “Show Mode” on your Kindle Fire? Let me know in the comments below.


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