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Product Review: Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlet

In my search to automate everything

in my home and have as much of it be on Wi-Fi as possible I came across the Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets. I was intrigued by the size of them and thought they would work good in a few limited space applications that I have.

The Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets use the

Smart Life app for setup and control. I have used the Smart Life app in the past and have been happy with it as product setup and control is simple. A lot of the lower priced connected devices use apps that have very little polish and they barely work. The Smart Life App is not this and because of that it contributes toy enjoyment of the Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets.

I was hoping from the pictures of the

Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets that I could get two of them plugged into a single receptical without the need for extensions but they are just a little bit two big for that. Aside from that the size of the Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets is nice. What I like the best about them is they are relatively thin for a connected outlet. This makes the Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets perfect for applications where your receptical are behind furniture.

Once you have your Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets setup in the Smart Life App you are only minutes away from integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home giving you easy voice control. In addition to voice control you can easily integrate with IFTTT which gives you integration with just about anything you can think of. I use IFTTT and virtual switches inside of SmartThings to bring the Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets into my home automation and have not had any issues with connectivity and function although I am sure some of that is Wi-Fi related and with my Eero system I have very strong signal throughout my home so keep in mind your mileage may vary.

All in all the Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets are a decent connected outlet at a great price so if you have something you plug in that’s needs to be automated you should give them a shot.

Anyone using the Basdun Mini Wi-Fi Outlets? Let me know in the comments below.


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I am passionate about the IoT and connected devices. Using connectivity to automate our lives will empower civilization to achieve greatness.

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