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Alexa Voice Control Comes to DirecTV


There once was a time when I was a DirecTV subscriber and I was very happy with the service. Well times changed, I sold that townhouse and bought a new home and with that came my change to Xfinity. I did this not because of an issue with DirecTV but more because I had no other good internet options (and I only wanted to pay one company) but more because I was in love with the Xfinity Voice Remote.  Well recently my Xfinity experience changed when I got an Amazon Fire TV Cube and I started using Alexa to control my cable box. Well last week DirecTV got the same kind of love from the Amazon Fire TV Cube and with my contract with Xfinity soon ending I am thinking about making the jump back to DirecTV.

Any DirecTV subscribers out there controlling their set top boxes with Alexa via a Fire TV Cube? Let me know in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “Alexa Voice Control Comes to DirecTV Leave a comment

  1. Amazon should be embarrassed at the lack of performance from the Fire Cube as a streaming device. New generations are supposed to be better than previous gens, but the FireTv Gen still fetches a Kings Ransom from resellers on Amazon and eBay. The Cube should be set on Fire and stricken from the Amazon history books.


  2. I have the Cube. I use it to turn on and off, volume up and down, pause, etc., but that is because it plugs into HDMI CEC on.
    With DirecTV, there are still some issues or lack of commands published or maybe I just don’t know them.
    How do you get the guide to display, how can I have it jump inside the guide to a channel to see what is on?

    It also still lacks on getting some things right; “Alexa, tune to HGTV”…says can’t do it. “Alexa, tune to HGTV channel”..sometimes works.

    All in all, I know Amazon. They want the world; so there will be updates and fixes.


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