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Product Review: Prota Hub S

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When I started looking into connected devices that could push buttons for me like the MicroBot Push and Switchbot I came across the Prota Hub S which would work with the Microbot Push and allow me to integrate other services and devices. I was excited to see a smart home hub in such a small package and thus was eager to try it out. Well I was greatly disappointed by the Prota Hub S and was completely unable to get it set up and running. I eventually gave up on the Prota Hub S and decided to run Prota OS on a Raspberry Pi and that ended up being only a little bit better than the Prota Hub S.

Now I love the size of the Prota Hub S and really want to know why more smart home companies cant go this route and start making things smaller. But at the end of the day the hub has to work and actually add some benefit which the Prota Hub S did not do.

Most of the problems I think came from the horrible Prota Space app. It is so frustrating to try and get set up and use and really is not worth anyone’s time. I am however still holding out hope that the app and the companies support will improve as I really like the design of the Microbot Push and would prefer to use them to my current Switchbot. I guess time will tell however and my gut tells me that Naran (the company behind the Prota Hub and Microbot Push) will end up fading into obscurity.

Has anyone out there actually gotten the Prota Hub S to work? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

As of this writing the Prota Hub S is no longer available on Amazon and the Microbot Push product is under review by Amazon so I have a feeling my prediction of Naran’s demise might be coming true.



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