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Away Mode Skill for Alexa

I have thought for a while we need an away mode for Alexa to simulate real world conversation in a home when the occupants are not a home and it looks like Hippo Insurance has finally given us the Skill we didn’t know we wanted in Away Mode 

With the Away Mode you can make your Amazon Echo play through different awkward conversations to make it seem like someone is at home in case of a break in. While I think this is a great idea and something that could help deter would-be burgers, I really thing that Hippo Insurance’s Away Mode Skill for Amazon Alexa is only a start at what it needs to be.  

Screenshot from 2018-08-05 09-23-08

I really like the Idea of Away Mode for Alexa and I think it really needs to go one step further and integrate multiple Amazon Echo Devices. How much more realistic would it be if the conversation went across multiple devices across the house, or perhaps have a couple different conversation going on throughout the house with the occasional overlap between them? I would also love the ability to trigger Away Mode based off sensors being triggered so that the conversations were not always going on but that is a limitation of Alexa that I will have to live with.  

I am thinking that I can integrate Away Mode with SmartThings and WebCoRE to have lights turn on and off based on the conversation to simulate real life interaction much like the Wink Lookout feature. That will end up taking me some time to do and take some studding of the preset conversations to see how lighting might fit into them, so I would not recommend holding your breath waiting for me to get that figured out, but it is somewhere on my list of things to do. 

Has anyone started playing around with the Away Mode Skill on your Amazon Echo? Let me know your thoughts of it in the comments below.  


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