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Pi-hole Updated to Version 4.0

ph4 - 3

Pi-hole is a hardware based, network wide ad-blocker that has quickly become one of my favorite things to do with a Raspberry Pi. Well it was recently updated to version 4.0 which brought a lot of the features that I have been using in the Pi-hole beta to the public as well as some amazing additions.

Pi-hole version 4.0 brings FTLDNS, NULL Blocking Mode and NXDOMAIN from Beta to Public release. I have been using FTLDNS and NULL Blocking for some time now and they are incredible features that you should jump right on.

Now new features in this update are Regex and official Docker support. As any regularph4 - 2.png reader of this site will know I am a huge advocate for Docker and so excited to see an official Pi-hole Docker Image available for use on the Raspberry Pi as well as other ARM and x86 based platforms. The only downside to this is that I now need to install Pi-hole in a Docker Container on my Raspberry Pi but that’s okay it will be well worth setting it up again and gives me an excuse to play around with my Raspberry Pi.

The full changelog for Pi-hole version 4.0 can be found here. But lets get to the important stuff how do you update? Well that is pretty simple. If you are running the public release of Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi all you have to do is run pihole -up from terminal. Now if you are like me and always have to be on the bleeding edge then you are most likely on the beta build of Pi-hole and in which case you will need to run pihole checkout master and (maybe) pihole -up from terminal on your Raspberry Pi.

Already running version 4.0 of Pi-hole on your Raspberry Pi? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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