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Amazon Fire TV Updates

Version for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick this update brings with it the simplistic Alexa interface that we saw in the Fire TV Cube which is a great step as I feel the overall look of Fire OS 6.0 on the Fire TV Cube is much better than that on other Fire TV Devices.

Old Look

New Look

Additionally music on the Fire TV is getting better because you can now ask for a list of songs that you can choose from on screen instead of having to ask specifically for what you want to hear. To me this is a big feature because I do not always know exactly what I want to listen too.

aft - 5.jpg

In addition to the usability features in this update for the Amazon Fire TV we also get additional security to protect our devices from malware. ADB debugging used to be a set it and forget it setting opening your Fire TV up to any ADB connection possibly without your interaction. Now when a new ADB connection is initiated you have to confirm it and grant ADB access. While some might see this as Amazon locking down FireOS more and limiting our ability to side-load content I actually think this is a good security related update and something that needs to be in place.

aft - 6

What do you think of the latest Amazon Fire TV update? Let me know in the comments below.


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