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Product Review: eufy Genie

I am generally a fan of all things Alexa and love trying out either new devices that I can connect to Alexa or new smart speakers that use Alexa. I have over 150 devices in my SmartThings ecosystem that I can either control through an Amazon Echo or (because of some new API features released by Amazon allowing contact and motion sensor integration), use to solicit actions from Alexa. All this Alexa love leads me to try everything I can get my hands on and the eufy Genie is something I have wanted to test out for some time as I suspected it could be a low-cost contender in the Echo Dot space. Let’s take a walk through my thoughts and experiences using the eufy Genie.


  • The price point is a bit lower than the Echo Dot (when the Echo Dot is not on sale)
  • Far-Field Voice Recognition works very well thanks to two microphones


  • The Sound quality leaves little to be desired
  • The anti-slip bottom can be a bit slippery
  • The buttons on the top feal cheap and can be difficult to tell if you actually pushed one


The eufy Genie is a small (thing Echo Dot) Alexa enabled smart speaker that is a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot in size and functionality. While I do not want this review to be a direct comparison to the Amazon Echo Dot because in my opinion Amazon unfairly makes there product superior by limiting the Alexa integration of third-party devices but it is hard not to compare the two simply because they are very similar in size. The circumference of the eufy Genie is maybe a quarter inch greater than the Echo Dot but that is hard to pick up on because of its tapered design. The eufy Genie is also about a half inch taller than the Echo Dot which for most will not be an issue but many of my Echo Dots are used in confined spaces where I do not really want to be able to see it like in my kitchen I have an Echo Dot mounted under a cabinet, the Echo Dot (and my Phillips Hue LightStrips) is completely hidden by the front lip of the cabinet whereas the eufy Genie is just tall enough to be seen. Again this will be a non-issue for most but for me, it certainly is an issue. Aside from the size comparison, the eufy Genie is nice looking and the materials used (plastic) seems to be of a good quality. Another knock I will give the eufy Genie, however, is the buttons on the top of it they just feel cheap and can be difficult to push, after a few pushes even you can start to see an outline forming around them from depression. This certainly detracts from the otherwise quality appearance of the eufy Genie.

Setup of the eufy Genie is straightforward using the eufyHome app which if you have any other eufy products you already have installed. I, however, do not have any so I had to install it and I did not like that. Why should I need yet another app just to set up an Alexa enabled speaker? I am not sure if I should blame eufy for this or Amazon but none the less it was an annoyance for me and something you should consider as I know a good number of people who are as tweaky as I am and do not like useless apps cluttering up there phone. My own quirks aside the eufyHome app is actually nice looking and pretty easy to use. so I really should not be complaining about an app that I can always hide from view on my phone.


The sound quality of the eufy Genie I was really underwhelmed with. According to the packaging the eufy Gene claims to have “Full Room Audio Quality” and while I am not entirely sure what this is I found not in any way say that the sound from the eufy Genie can fill an entire room, nor should it be able to just because of its size. False claims aside I found the sound quality to be very tiny with the highs really drowning out the mids and what lows were actually there. With the sound like this, I find it very difficult to listen to music for an extended period of time without developing listening fatigue. This could be overcome with software and giving users some form of equalizer settings but there were none to be found in the eufyHome app. This is a miss in my eyes and something that could easily make the product more enjoyable so if anyone who can make this feature request a reality is reading this please take it into consideration.

From a voice assistant standpoint, the eufy Genie does everything that it should do considering Amazon handicaps third-party devices by limiting the functionality. I found Alexa on the eufy Genie to be just as responsive as any of my first-party Alexa devices. I would even go as far as saying the far-field voice recognition used by the eufy Genie is superior to that used in the Echo Dot. I attribute this to the fact that the eufy Genie has two microphones. Because of this, I feel like the eufy Genie picked up my commands easier than those same commands being issued to my Echo Dots placed in similar locations.  This alone in my eyes makes the eufy Genie a valid contender in the space and I can almost overlook the other negatives I have pointed out.

Overall Rating


Overall I find the eufy Genie to be a decent product an one that I feel you should consider when looking for small Alexa enabled devices. I see Amazon moving in a direction that could remove some of the handcuffs they have on third-party devices and in turn, this could make the eufy Genie better in the long run.

Are any of you using the eufy Genie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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