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Alexa Can Now Give You a Visual Response

I have always thought that the Amazon Echo Show and the Amazon Echo Spot have needed more Skills that took advantage of the display on these devices. Well, yesterday they Amazon and Getty Images teamed up to finally through the Echo Show and Echo Spot a bone and let them serve up visual responses from Getty Images “premier collection of editorial, creative and archival content.”


This could be quite interesting and informative. Getty Images is home to hundreds of thousands of images that transcend all genres and categories so your Echo Show or Echo Spot should have no problem finding a suitable image to display for you but it will be interesting to see just how often Alexa can get the image search right and so something relevant.

To me, it seems only natural for the Echo Show and Echo Spot to be able to give visual responses with images and I am not sure how either device launched without this functionality or what has taken so long for them to gain it. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to ask “Alexa, Who Sings Sexy Back?” and get a response that includes a picture of Justin Timberlake? It just seems like that is the response that anything with a display should be giving you.

I am excited for my Amazon Echo Show and Amazon Echo Spot to finally be able to show me pictures relevant to my inquiry and can not wait to see the images that it pulls up as relevant. But I am also interested in hearing your thoughts.

What do you think, do visual responses from Getty Images provide any benefit on your Amazon Echo Show or Spot? Let me know in the comments below.


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