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Amazon is Shaking Up the Alexa Front

We have been hearing rumors over the last few days about everything from a new Echo Dot, to an Alexa enabled microwave, an Echo Subwoofer, and a mysterious smart plug. Well, today we see which rumors were true and more.


  • We will be seeing a New Echo Dot that will feature better sound quality at the same price as the current Echo Dot. Pre-orders are live now for the New Echo Dot.


  • The all new Echo Input which is an Echo Dot like device but with no speaker built in allowing you to connect to existing speakers or amplifiers in your home.


  • The Echo Sub, a wireless subwoofer that connects to your Amazon Echo is available today for pre-order at a $130 price.


  • A new revision to the Echo Plus which will include a temperature sensor and local voice control of connected devices. Pre-orders start today at $150


  • Echo Link Amp and Echo Link are two devices geared towards audiophiles allowing multi-room audio and higher end sound.
  • Alexa Hunches will use AI to make suggestions to you and remind you to do things you typically do.


  • An AmazonBasics Microwave with Amazon Dash Replenishment built-in and voice control. Shipping later this year for $60 and does not have a speaker built in.


  • The Echo Wall Clock which is a retro-looking analog wall clock with Alexa built in and costs $30 and does not have a speaker built in.
  • Alexa Guard will put your Echo Devices into Guard Mode and can sync with Ring and ADT
  • Locking Doors from inside the Ring App with integration between Schlage, Yale Kwikset, Danalock and Ring Alarm


  • We will be seeing a new Ring Stick Up Cam available for pre-order today at $180 and shipping later this year.
  • Amazon and Ring are working on a new Doorbell API allowing you to view doorbell video and have two-way communication.


  • Completely New Echo Show with better sound and Zigbee radio built in like the Hub Plus, pre-orders starting today for $230, shipping next month


  • Fire-TV Recast a live TV “DVR” that connects to an antenna and can rebroadcast live TV to record 2-4 shows at once and broadcast to any Fire TV or the new Echo Show. The Fire-TV Recast is available for pre-order today and shipping later this year.


  • Echo Auto is a small Echo Device for your Car which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and adds location-based routines. Echo Auto should be available for an invite-only beta later this year. Retail price for the Echo Auto will be $50 but the invite-only price will be $25

I don’t know about you but my mind is blown by all of these announcements both the new hardware and the enhanced feature sets. I think I am most excited about Echo Auto, the Echo Wall Clock, and Alexa Hunches. What are you excited about? Let me know in the comments below.


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I am passionate about the IoT and connected devices. Using connectivity to automate our lives will empower civilization to achieve greatness.

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