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Product Review: Ring Video Doorbell Pro

In a discussion recently with my friend Doug from the Smarter Home Club about video, and connected doorbells I discovered that although I have reviewed a good number of devices in this category I have not formally reviewed the Ring Video Doorbell Pro which is the video doorbell that I use as my daily driver at home. I was surprised by this as I have always been a supporter of Ring Products and have written about them many times and often mention there products in other posts. So today this is going to come to an end and you can see my thoughts on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.


  • Design
  • Field of view
  • Image quality
  • Custom Motion Zones


  • App performance can be an issue sometimes

In my home, I currently have two Ring Video Doorbell Pro systems installed, one on each door. I worked very hard with Ring Support a while back to come up with the methodology of install and the power requirements for running two Ring Video Doorbell Pro systems with one doorbell transformer and one chime as at the time Ring did not support this. At the time I choose Ring because I was using Wink as my home automation ecosystem and Ring is what was supported by Wink. This decision was not an easy one for me as I had been working with SkyBell products for some time at this point and while I never really liked some of the design choices of SkyBell I was familiar with the product and had a comfort level. I ultimately chose the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and have never looked back.


The design of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is top on my list of pros for a reason. It stands head and shoulders above other video doorbells in design because it looks size, packs a lot of features in a small form factor and gives you color options right out of the box. I have always liked the thin profile of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and felt that it looks most like a regular doorbell. In a lot of situations that can be very important as a lot of decisions about products have to conform to my wife’s design choices for the house and I am sure the same is the case for many of you. When compared to the oversized round design of the SkyBell the Ring Video Doorbell Pro was a no-brainer and then add to the fact that I could easily change the finish of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to match the door hardware and my wife was easily sold.


I have done side-by-side comparisons with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and other video doorbells and I always come to the conclusion that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the same or better in terms of video quality and I expect this to be the norm for the foreseeable future. Until we transition fully to 4k optics in these devices I am not sure we will see any improvements in this area at least when talking about the raw video. Sure processing after the fact can be done and can make a difference but the amount of this being done and being done at a level that will make a noticeable difference is very small. The Nest Hello is the only video doorbell I would say is even doing much if any processing. That being said the picture quality on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro combined with its 160° field of view and recently added color night vision still make the aging Ring Video Doorbell Pro a formidable opponent in the battle for video doorbell supremacy.


One of my favorite features of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and something that sets it above its battery-powered brother the Ring Video Doorbell is customizable motion zones. I love the fact that in the Ring App I can define the zones that I want to trigger motion events. In my opinion, this is a feature that all motion capturing devices should have. This is also the main reasoning I give to friends and family when they ask me why they should get the Ring Video Doorbell Pro over the Ring Video Doorbell.

Now I am sure all of you out there have seen or heard some negativity about firmware releases and app bugs with Ring products and I would ask you all to take a step back for a second and consider this question. How many devices are out there that do not suffer from the occasional bug? The answer to that if you were to answer it truthfully would be zero. What I can say about Ring, however, which I can not say about everyone is that they are always working on things, when something comes up in firmware or the app they typically have a fix for it sooner rather than later. This responsiveness is another thing that sets Ring apart. BUgs are going to happen and should be expected but to me what is important is that that bug gets fixed and it gets fixed quick. Ring as a company has always done this and when you add in the top tier support that they offer there really is no better company to interact within this space hands down.

Overall Rating


In my opnion, the Ring Video Doorbell is the video doorbell that set the bar for everyone else. All of the other companies we see coming out with video doorbells now is just playing catchup. While no device even the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is without its issues I have never had an issue with how those issues were resolved. At the end of the day, Ring stands behind there products and fights for them more than any company I have witnessed in this space and that says a lot about the company, its culture and the quality of the product they put forward. If you are in the market for a video doorbell I would highly recommend taking a long hard look at the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Anyone using the Ring Video Doorbell Pro? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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