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Alexa Hunches Now Available

Amazon has started to roll out of Alexa Hunches from their announcement a few weeks ago. This is one of the features I was excited about and can not wait to see how it progresses.

To enable Alexa Hunches simply say to your Amazon Echo “Alexa, Enabled Hunches” and the skill will be enabled. As is the norm with Amazon rollouts this is going to be a gradual thing so not all users will have it at once. The first time I asked my Echo Dot to enable Hunches I got the response from Alexa that she could not find that skill but not 5 minutes later when I impatiently asked again it was there. Alternatively Alexa Hunches can be enabled (or disabled) from the Alexa App.

Right now Alexa did not have any hunches for me but I am sure as time goes on and she learns my habits that will change.

It is important to note that Alexa Hunches is a system wide setting meaning it is either on for all your devices or off for all your devices. I hope in the future this might change as I can think of at least one Amazon Echo I would not want more information from but that might just be me.

Have you received Alexa Hunches yet on your Amazon Echo? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.


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