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Product Review: Heath Zenith Notifi Elite

It is not secret video doorbells are big business, just look at the players involved, Amazon, Google, and Netgear just to name a few. While video doorbells from these company are easy enough to get into consumers hands because of the brand recognition they have, they are more difficult to get into the construction trade. Heath Zenith, however, has a huge stronghold on the construction trade and I think they can use that to deliver there Notifi Elite Video Doorbell in the new home market. In my opinion, the days of traditional doorbells are numbered and everyone will be moving to connected versions and the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite can help get the trades involved in building new houses on board.


  • The nice squishy feel of the button
  • Thirty Day Cloud Recording
  • Sound Quality


  • Unusually thick
  • Shiny black face shows fingerprints very easily
  • Only 720P Video


The Heath Zenith Notifi Elite has the potential to make a big impact on video doorbell adoption mainly because of the Heath Zenith name. I think Heath Zenith recognized this and is trying to capitalize on their relationships with the construction trades before any of the other players in video doorbells has a chance to gain that foothold. I think the Heath Zenith did that however by putting as little technology as possible into the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite. Now that is not to say that the Heath Zenith Notfi Elite does not do what it claims to do as it absolutely delivers on everything it lists on its package but there is a discernible lack of polish to not only the design and build quality but also the UI in the smartphone application.

Installing the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite is very similar to any other video doorbell system, simply replace your existing “dumb” wired doorbell with the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite and install a small power pack at your doorbell chime. So this brings me to the first thing that is important to note, you will need an existing wired doorbell to install the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite. If you have a wireless doorbell system or no doorbell system at all you will either need to install one (which could be very challenging post construction) or find other options. Now I do not really disagree with this however as I feel that battery-powered video doorbells have enough downfalls in terms of performance and reliability that they are just not worth considering as a solution but it certainly does limit the market of the Heath Zenith Notfi Elite as an aftermarket solution.

In my testing I found the video quality and field of view of the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite to be adequate at best. The decision to-go with a 720p image sensor may have been a mistake as 1080p really should be the standard for all video products. That being said one can easily make a comparison between the quality of the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite and the Ring Video Doorbell with the Ring Video Doorbell getting the upper hand as it can be installed wirelessly.

When it comes to two-way communication, however, I think the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite may have the upper hand against the other video doorbells in the price point. As I mentioned in the video above the speaker grill on the face of the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite is unusually large which leads me to believe that we have a decent sized small speaker inside which would also explain the size of the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite.


Looking at-the box for the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite it appears to-be a nice looking video doorbell but that quickly ends once you open the package. The size of the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite is just uncalled for especially the thickness. From the glamour shot on the front of the box, it is hard to tell just how large the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite and I can only attribute the size of it to the perhaps less expensive components use. A perfect example of this is the PIR motion sensor is it comically large, in-fact, almost every component visible on the front of the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite is bigger than it needs to-be and is also bigger that what should be the star of the show, the camera.

Overall Rating


Overall I thing the Heath Zenith is an underwhelming video doorbell made by a company that just does not know connected devices and how to make them. However, I think the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite will make a splash in the video doorbell marketplace simply because of Heath Zenith and the relationships with home builders that they have. I am torn by this because I hate to see a subpar product on the market but if it gets connected devices into the hands of home builders it can have an impact on the category’s and exposure that video doorbells and home automation have.

Has anyone used the Heath Zenith Notifi Elite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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