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Amazon Alexa Multi-Room Audio Groups Are Getting Better

Last night while playing around on my phone killing some time before bed I decided I would finally set up some audio groups with my Amazon Echo devices. I had started to do this when the feature first became available but quickly abandoned it because I could not add an Amazon Echo to more than one group which I felt really crippled the functionality.

Well after playing around a little bit I found that now you can have an Amazon Echo in more than one group. Well sort of. I can not figure out why because all of my Echo Devices are all on the latest firmware but I was not able to add all of them to multiple groups only some and I can not find any rhyme or reason to it.

I decided to do a little bit of searching on the internet and came up with nothing and quickly got distracted by something shiny which lead me down another rabbit hole that eventually landed me on Reddit. While on Reddit scrolling through my feed, I noticed that someone else had posted stating that they too could add an Amazon Echo to multiple groups so I again got back onto that.

I still can not explain why only some of my Echos can be added to multiple groups, my only guess is that it is a slow rollout and eventually all of my devices will have this ability. But after playing around for a bit I was finally able to get some Multi-Room Audio Groups that I am happy with. Why on earth the ability to have an Echo in more than one group was not a feature from the first implementation of groups is still beyond me but at least this is a sign of this functionality coming.

Has anyone else found that they can add an Amazon Echo to more than one Multi-Room Audio Group? Let me know in the comments below.


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