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Amazon Kindle Fire HD8 Gen7 Gets Rooted

It should come as no surprise that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD8 has found a nice niche as a wall mounted control center for many SmartThings and ActionTiles users over the years. They have always been affordable and had enough power to do most of what we wanted them to do. One thing however that we have not been able to do reliably due to firmware updates from Amazon is root the Seventh Generation fo the Kindle Fire HD8. Sure you could sideload the Google Play Store and get by with the apps that you could get to install but truly having root access had escaped us and left us somewhat crippled because with root there is just so much more we can do. Well, today that changes as an XDA user who goes by the handle <br /> has come up with and published Hardmod Root a guide for rooting the Seventh Generation Kindle Fire HD8.

Now you might be saying, why should I care about the Seventh Generation HD8 when the Eight Generation HD8 is available? Well in case you did not already know the Eight Generation HD8 does not exactly add anything mind-blowing and prices on the Seventh Generation HD8 are only going to get better. With the hardware differences being minimal why not jump on the previous generation and have yourself a tablet that you can customize as much as you want?

Now, all that aside rooting the Seventh Generation Kindle Fire HD8 is no small feat as this is a hardware modification and not something that can simply be done with software. From <br />’s XDA post the general steps involved:

  1. Preparation – Gather the materials, build an SD card adapter, etc.
  2. Disassembly – Take the tablet apart and turn over the motherboard
  3. Hardware Modifications – Soldering the SD card adapter to the board
  4. Communication – Getting the device to talk to your computer
  5. Software Modifications – Installing SuperSU by hand
  6. Testing and Cleanup – Checking for root, removing the SD card adapter, reassembly.

I am generally okay with going this as it is inexpensive hardware and I have been working with electronic components for some time and not seeing anything here that would cause any major hurdles. That being said if this sounds a bit scary to you and you are not comfortable with a soldering iron you may want to skip this. But if you do feel up to the challenge head over the XDA and read the full instructions.

I for one am excited about this and can not wait to get a Seventh Generation Kindle Fire HD8 rooted. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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