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So You Want Your Wyze Cam Video in ActionTiles…

I have wanted to write this post for a while now but I just needed to first successfully integrate Wyze Cam video with ActionTiles on a Kindle Fire HD8. This has been a project that I have been putting off for some time for no reason other than laziness. I finally got my ass in gear and actually got this setup. While getting into the project of integrating video from Wyze Cam into ActionTiles I did a lot of reading online and there is a lot of information out there but also a lot of partial, and downright false information out there.  It is my hope that through my research you will benefit and I hope to simplify the process.


Setting Up Your Wyze Cam

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is get your Wyze Cam(s) up and running. Wyze Labs has put a lot of work into the user interface and software setup process for getting your Wyze Cam(s) online and the process is as simple as:


  • Download and open the Wyze App
  • Create or log into your Wyze Account
  • Press the + sign to add a device
  • Plug in your Wyze Cam
  • When the Yellow Light on the back of your Wyze Cam starts flashing, press and hold the setup button on the back/bottom of the Wyze Cam until you hear “Ready to Connectwcs-2
  • In the Wyze App select, I heard “Ready to connect” from the bottom
  • Enter your Wi-Fi credentials
  • Scan the QR Code displayed on your phone with the Wyze Cam
  • From the device, settings update the firmware of your Wyze Cam

Setting Up TinyCam Pro

  • Download and open tinyCam Pro
  • Select the + sign from the lower right corner of the app
  • Select “Add IP camera. NVR/DVR”
  • Select Wyze Labs under Camera Brand
  • Select WyzeCam or WyzeCam Pan (depending on the camera you have) from Camera model
  • Enter a name for your camera
  • Enter your Wyze account Username in the Username section
  • Enter your Wyze account Password in the Password section
  • If you are setting up more than one Wyze Cam (and already have one set up) select advanced settings and change the channel number
  • Select the back arrow at the top left of the screen
  • Select the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and select Live view
  • Ensure that you have video streaming from your camera
  • Select the hamburger menu again from the top left corner of the app
  • Select Settings and then Web server
  • In the Admin section select Password and enter a password
  • Check the Radio Icon next to Enabled in the Guest section
  • Select Password in the Guest section and enter a Password
  • Hit the back arrow at the top of the screen twice to go back to the main camera display of tinyCam Pro
  • Select the hamburger menu again
  • Turn on the Web server by clicking on the Radio Icon to the right of Web server
  • Make note of the IP Address and Port Number listed in the box that displays under Web server


ActionTiles Setup

  • Go to on a web browser
  • Click on “App Log In” in the upper right corner and log into your account
  • From the editor select the Panel that you want to edit
  • Add a Media Tile to the panel
  • Select Add Media
  • Give Your Media a Name
  • Enter the following URL (modified for your use case)
    • http://ipaddress_of_web_server:port/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=1&user=guest&pwd=password_from_guest_section
  • Click SaveSelect the Radio Icon next to your newly created Media and select ADD

You should now have your Wyze Cam integrated with ActionTiles. I am doing this on a Kindle Fire HD8 that is wall mounted in my kitchen. I am also using that same Kindle Fire HD8 to run the tinyCam Web Server so for me there is no need for a sacrificial device just to run that.

Adding Wyze Cam video into ActionTiles takes another step in the direction of centralizing all of your smart home devices. For me, ActionTiles has replaced most of my smart home apps and the ones it has not replaced I am launching from within ActionTiles but that is the topic of a future post.

What are your thoughts about integrating Wyze Cam or really any video supported by tinyCam into ActionTiles? Have you done it? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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I am passionate about the IoT and connected devices. Using connectivity to automate our lives will empower civilization to achieve greatness.

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