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The Google Home App Just Became Useful

With everything that Google has been doing to make Google Assistant and Google Home more integrated into your smart home, it should come as no surprise that the Google Home App has received a very nice makeover. The Google Home app which was once the Chromecast app is finally becoming a useful, viable home control app. The app once used strictly for setting up devices now can actually be useful. Let’s take a look and see what Google has done.


Much like Amazon has done with the Alexa app, Google has done with the Home app and taken your devices which have always been buried and put them front and center. The first screen you now see when launching the Home app shows all of your Google Home connected smart devices allowing you to control and adjust them right from the app. I am a fan of anything that allows me to use fewer apps on my smartphone so this is a welcome change and one that I think Google did very well on. The UI makes sense and is easy to use. The other thing this adds is am improved wife acceptance factor by allowing you to have just the Google Home app on her phone while I have the SmartThings App and the Nest App. In fact, anyone in your house that has the Google Home App and is part of your family can now control all of the connected devices without having to worry about which apps they need to use or what the login credentials are for those apps.

Now the feature that I am most excited about is that you can add what Google calls “Home Members” which makes it possible to be a member of multiple homes and control multiple homes! You might be asking why I am so excited about this feature and let me tell you once you become technical support for your family and even your extended family it is nice to be able to remotely control things.

I think a big part of the updated Google Home app comes from the announcement of the Google Home Hub, both should make controlling your smart home from the Google ecosystem a little bit easier.

It is nice to see a once (for the most part) useless app become useful again with a fresh coat of paint and some exciting new features. I was an early adopter of the Google Home but have shied away in favor of Amazon Alexa. The update to the Google Home App and the announcement of the Google Home Hub may start to bring me back into the Google ecosystem.

What do you think of the new design of the Google Home app? Let me know in the comments below.




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